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Speed on Blood - Rules and User Agreement

§A. Rules

1. Any user, by playing Speed on Blood agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2. Speed on Blood is an online computer game made for adults.

3. Authorized use of Speed on Blood is available only to persons who are at least 18 years old and who are otherwise capable of forming legally binding contracts under applicable law. It is your responsibility to provide us with your correct age.

4. Every user agrees that he is solely responsible for all actions that occur under his account.

5. Filling in a correct email is essential. If you lose your password it will be send to you email. If you win a prize you will be contacted through email. If you are banned and want to appeal, your email must be correct.

6. It is forbidden to curse/insult other players in forum, game, guestbook's, etc. Insults that are Racist, Nationality, Religion and ethnic based will be taken very seriously and will result in a permanent ban of all accounts on your IP address. All other insults will receive a punishment depending on the seriousness of the insult.

7. No nudity or pornographic material is to be used for images in game and in the forum. If we find infantile pornography any users profile we will send all your information to the police

8. It's forbidden to use bots, macros, any unauthorized scripts, F5 key to cause errors in the game and software to play.

9. It's forbidden to refresh window during game, to click Back button in your browser or to take any other action that makes error in game.

10. Using unauthorized software will result in receiving a permanent ban of all accounts on your IP address.

11. If you're not sure of your software authorization - Please contact with Speed on Blood Developers and Administrators.

12. If you discover a bug, error or a feature in the game that does not work as expected then it is your obligation to report this error as soon as possible, it is strictly forbidden to take advantage of any bugs or errors.

13. Taking advantages of any bugs or errors may result in a permanent ban.

14. If you find cheaters - don't hesitate reporting them.

15. Credits on banned accounts will not be refunded.

16. One season winner will be banned and not will receive any prize without age confirmation. With valid documents with the same name used in register with the account

§B. Accounts

1. It's not forbidden to own more than one account.

2. It's not forbidden to play more than one account via one PC, but you can register only 3 users per same IP.

3. If an account is shared, the owner of the account is the one that registered it and owns the email on which the account was registered.

4. If a shared account is stolen, Speed on Blood Team will give it back only to the account owner.

5. It's forbidden to steal or hack into any accounts.

6. Any hacking attempt will result in a permanent ban of your whole IP, or if it is not possible, on every account of the hacker.

7. If an account is stolen by a player, Speed on Blood Team will give it back to the account owner without any changes. We won't give back your statistics or credits unless multiple accounts were stolen though our server being hacked.

8. It's up to you to keep your account safe. Do not give your password to strangers, do not use the same nickname as you email, etc.

9. It's forbidden to collect any account information out of other users in any way.

10. Any attempt to get other users passwords will result in a permanent ban of your whole IP.

11. It's forbidden to pose as Speed on Blood Team if you are not.

12. It's forbidden to sell/buy a Speed on Blood account, as its Speed on Blood Developers property.

13. Any such attempt will result in a permanent ban.

14. It's forbidden to play under a country flag that is not your current country of residence.

§C. Punishments

1. Cheating will be punished. Everyone should have the same means and chances to win season.

2. Speed on Blood Team follow the principle that "You are innocent, till the contrary is proven".

3. In cases of doubt, however, the Developers or Administrators of Speed on Blood will always have the last word.

4. If you turn yourself in before you are caught, you will probably receive a milder punishment.

5. Credits on banned accounts will not be refunded.

6. If you use proxy to register users in Speed on Blood your inviting counter will be reseted.

§D. Guestbook and Chats

1. It's forbidden to "spam" or "flood" in any way.

2. It's forbidden to repeat the same message, even if you use other words.

3. It's forbidden to spam and flood guestbook's and chats with multi-accounts.

4. Spamming with multi-accounts may result in a ban of all the accounts of the spammer.

5. You may not market, promote or advertise anything, or make any other form of solicitation (including pyramid schemes and chain letters) on the Speed on Blood or through the Speed on Blood Web Site.

§E. Credits

1. It's forbidden to re-sell credits without authorization from Speed on Blood Developers.

2. Unauthorized reselling of credits will result in a permanent ban.

3. It's forbidden to buy Speed on Blood credits from any unauthorized sources.

4. It is forbidden to con credits out of other users in any way.

5. Conning credits out of other users will result in a permanent ban.

6. In case your account is banned, you are not entitled of repayment of the money you have spent on credits.

7. It's forbidden to post any links or codes related with credits at all.

§F. Forum

1. Any opinions expressed by a User on the forum, guestbook or chat are those of the User alone, and are not to be attributed to Speed on Blood.

2. It's forbidden to curse and insult other players on Speed on Blood Forum

3. It is forbidden to spam and repeat messages.

4. Always search for your answer in the forum or in the game documentation before you post your question in the forum.

5. The Speed on Blood Forum is first and foremost a place to come and contact with other players and ask them questions, this is also the place to contact Speed on Blood Staff.

6. Speed on Blood Team can edit or delete any post or tread without giving a reason.

7. Use the proper section and topic to inform us about various things - like hacking attempts, spam etc.

8. Any action within your account you are responsible for. This includes postings on all forums and also postings in guestbook's or messages exchanged in chat.

§G. Cooperation with Speed Team

1. Before you post, Please read the Forum Rules;

2. If you have any questions about your own ban, please contact with the Speed on Blood Staff member that has banned your account. Do not contact with any other Staff member, and do not ask about other user's account bans.

3. If you want to contact with any Speed on Blood Staff, do not do it in game via guest book. Use Speed on Blood forum or email.

4. Remember, that Speed on Blood Staff will NEVER contact with you personally via internet communicators to get your password or force you to buy credits. If someone does so - report him the Developers.

5. The Developers and authorized Administrators can ban for as long as they think is necessary, Remember, that repetition means a higher ban or even permanent ban. Every punishment is logged and stays in account logs forever.

6. Full and up-to-date list of Speed on Blood Staff you may see on Speed on Blood main page. If someone says he/she is from Speed on Blood Staff, but his/her nickname isn't there - do not believe any word he/she says and report him/her to the Developers.

7. The Developers and authorized Administrators can use log files on the server side. The data held in log files includes your IP (Internet Protocol) address, browser type, e-mail application, Internet service provider, referring/exit Web pages, computer platform type, date/time stamp, and user activity (e.g., feature usage, user rankings, game statistics).

8. Speed on Blood Team may, at any time, modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. If you do not agree to the changes, your only remedy is to discontinue use of Speed on Blood . Your continued use of the service will constitute binding acceptance of the change or new agreement.